10 Best hot springs in the USA!

This small town in western Montana offers undeveloped hot springs along the banks of the Clark Fork River, providing a more natural and secluded experience.


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Hot Springs, Montana:

A luxury resort located in a restored ghost town, Dunton Hot Springs offers private hot springs tubs and a tranquil setting.


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Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado:

Tucked away in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this rustic retreat offers a variety of hot spring pools, saunas, and a serene atmosphere.


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Sierra Hot Springs, California:

Situated in the Alaskan wilderness, Chena Hot Springs is known for its outdoor rock pools and the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights during winter.


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Chena Hot Springs, Alaska:

Boasting the world's largest mineral hot springs pool, Glenwood Springs is a popular destination with a range of pools, slides, and spa services.


Glenwood Springs, Colorado:

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Nestled within Olympic National Park, these natural hot springs can be reached via a scenic hike and offer a remote and picturesque bathing experience.


Olympic Hot Springs, Washington:

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Located in the Napa Valley, Calistoga is home to several hot springs resorts offering mineral-rich thermal waters and spa treatments.


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Calistoga, California: 

This city is renowned for its historic bathhouses and hot springs. The Hot Springs National Park offers traditional bathhouse experiences and hiking trails.


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Hot Springs, Arkansas:

Known for its geothermal pools, Pagosa Springs offers a range of temperatures and mineral content, making it suitable for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.


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Pagosa Springs, Colorado:

The park features numerous hot springs, including the famous Grand Prismatic Spring and the Norris Geyser Basin.


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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: