10 Best Things to Do in Sioux Falls!

Falls Park: This is the city's namesake and a beautiful park where you can enjoy the scenic waterfalls, walking trails, and historic buildings.

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SculptureWalk: Explore the downtown area to discover an outdoor art gallery featuring over 50 sculptures created by artists from around the world.

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Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum of Natural History: A family-friendly attraction where you can see a variety of animals and learn about the natural history of the region.

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Washington Pavilion: This cultural and entertainment center houses a science museum, visual arts center, and a performing arts theater.

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Butterfly House & Aquarium: Located in Sertoma Park, this facility offers a chance to see and learn about butterflies and marine life.

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Sioux Empire Fair: If you're in town during the fair season, it's a great opportunity to experience local culture, entertainment, and delicious fair food.

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The Outdoor Campus: A nature education center with trails, exhibits, and programs for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Sioux Falls Bike Trails: Enjoy the city's extensive network of bike trails, which is a great way to explore different parts of Sioux Falls.

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Shopping and Dining in Downtown Sioux Falls: The downtown area is filled with unique shops, boutiques, and a variety of restaurants offering diverse cuisines.

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Cultural Events: Check out local events, festivals, and concerts happening in the city. Sioux Falls hosts various cultural and community events throughout the year.

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