10 Bizarre Facts About The Human Voice!

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The Fastest Talker:  The fastest recorded speech by a human is 637 words per minute! This astonishing feat was achieved by Steve Woodmore from the UK in 1990.

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Vocal Range Extremes:  While the average human vocal range spans about two octaves, some individuals, like Tim Storms, can sing notes as low as the subharmonic F-1, which is so deep it's barely audible.

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Voice Prints as Unique as Fingerprints:  Just like fingerprints, each person's voice is unique. Voice recognition technology can even identify individuals based on their vocal patterns.

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The Sound of Space:  In space, there is no air to transmit sound waves, so astronauts can't speak in the traditional sense. Instead, they use radios to communicate.

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The Infrasonic Whisperer:  Some animals, like elephants and whales, communicate using infrasound, which is below the human hearing threshold. Elephants, for instance, can communicate with infrasonic rumbles that travel for miles.

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The Ultrasonic Voice:  Humans can only hear sounds within a certain frequency range, typically up to 20,000 Hertz (Hz). Bats, on the other hand, use ultrasonic vocalisations that are beyond our hearing range for echolocation.

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The X Factor:  In 2008, a Scottish woman named Joy Milne shocked scientists when she claimed she could smell Parkinson's disease on people. Her unique ability was later linked to subtle changes in a person's voice and body odour associated with the disease.

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The Songbird Brain:  Certain songbirds like the European Starling are capable of mimicking a wide range of sounds, including car alarms and camera shutters, by altering the shape of their vocal tract.

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The Power of Whispering: Whispering can strain your vocal cords more than speaking at a regular volume. It requires the vocal cords to be stretched and controlled with great precision.

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Voice Synesthesia:  Some people experience voice-color synesthesia, where they perceive specific colors associated with different voices. Each voice triggers a unique visual sensation.

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