10 mind blowing facts about dark matter!

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Dark matter is a captivating enigma that comprises a staggering 85% of the universe's matter. Yet, it remains elusive, revealing its existence solely through gravitational influence on visible matter. In this web story, we'll explore 10 intriguing facts about dark matter that will leave you pondering the cosmos:

Ubiquitous Presence:  Dark matter permeates galaxies, galaxy clusters, and even the intergalactic void.

Cosmic Glue:  Dark matter plays a vital role in holding galaxies together, preventing them from dispersing into the cosmic void.

Invisibility:  Unlike visible matter, dark matter is invisible and refrains from interacting with light or other electromagnetic waves.

Uncharted Composition:  The composition and nature of dark matter remain an unsolved mystery, leaving scientists intrigued.

Dominant Abundance: Remarkably, dark matter surpasses ordinary matter by fivefold. A mere 5% of the universe consists of the matter we observe, including stars, planets, and us

Universal Brakes:  Dark matter acts as a cosmic brake, restraining the universe's expansion. Without it, the universe would expand at an even more accelerated pace.

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Architect of Galaxies:  Dark matter potentially plays a crucial role in the formation of galaxies and large-scale cosmic structures.

Enigmatic Interactions:  The intriguing possibility of dark matter interacting with itself in ways yet to be comprehended baffles scientists.

Gateway to Other Dimensions: Some theories propose that dark matter might serve as a portal to other dimensions, further deepening the mystery.

Fundamental Insights: Dark matter might hold the key to unraveling the fundamental nature of the universe, shedding light on the universe's inner workings.