7 Best Korean BBQ NYC!

There are several popular Korean BBQ restaurants in New York City, each offering a unique dining experience. Here are some highly recommended options:

Korean BBQ restaurants in New York City

Situated in the Flatiron District, Hanjan offers a contemporary and elevated take on Korean cuisine, including their delicious BBQ options. They focus on using locally sourced ingredients and offer a refined and modern dining experience.



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Located in Flushing, Queens, Picnic Garden offers an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ experience with a wide selection of meats, including beef, pork, and chicken. The restaurant provides a spacious and casual setting, making it a popular spot for groups and families.


Picnic Garden:

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While not solely a Korean BBQ restaurant, Her Name Is Han, located in the East Village, offers a unique and modern twist on Korean cuisine. They provide a tabletop grill option for their delicious marinated pork belly, allowing you to experience Korean BBQ in a different setting.


Her Name Is Han:

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Located in Midtown East, this upscale Korean BBQ spot offers high-quality meat options, including premium cuts like wagyu beef. They focus on using traditional grilling techniques and offer a refined dining experience.


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Dons Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar:

Situated in Midtown Manhattan, Miss Korea BBQ offers a modern and sleek ambiance. They provide a wide range of meats and side dishes, including their signature marinated short ribs, and their attentive service adds to the overall dining experience.


Miss Korea BBQ:

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Another popular choice in Koreatown, Jongro BBQ is known for its traditional Korean flavors and excellent meat quality. They offer a variety of cuts, including pork belly and marinated beef, and the grilling is done at your table.


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Jongro BBQ:

Located in Manhattan's Koreatown, this lively and bustling restaurant is known for its high-quality meats and vibrant atmosphere. The staff grills the meat for you, ensuring a delicious meal.


Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong: 

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It's always a good idea to make reservations ahead of time, especially during peak hours, to ensure a table at your preferred Korean BBQ restaurant.