7 Best Pizza in Phoenix!

Here are some popular pizza places in Phoenix:

Best Pizza in Phoenix!

Pomo Pizza: Pomo Pizza is an extension of Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana and offers a more casual dining experience. They serve Roman-style pizza, which has a thin and crispy crust with a variety of toppings to choose from.


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Spinato's Pizzeria: Spinato's is a family-owned pizzeria that has been serving delicious Chicago-style deep-dish pizza since 1974. They are known for their thick, cheesy pizzas and flavorful sauce.


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The Parlor Pizzeria: Located in the historic district of Phoenix, The Parlor offers wood-fired pizzas with a creative twist. They focus on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and offer a variety of unique flavor combinations.


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Federal Pizza: This trendy restaurant features a unique combination of a pizzeria and a beer garden. They offer artisan pizzas with creative toppings and a great selection of craft beers.


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Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana: Pomo is known for its authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, prepared with imported Italian ingredients. They have a wide variety of toppings and a welcoming ambiance.


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Cibo: Located in a charming historic house, Cibo offers Neapolitan-style pizzas cooked in a wood-fired oven. They have a cozy atmosphere and a delightful outdoor patio.


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Pizzeria Bianco: This renowned pizza place is often considered one of the best in Phoenix. They are known for their wood-fired pizzas with high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors.


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