7 Best Pizza Places in Washington D.C.

When it comes to pizza places in Washington D.C., there are several highly regarded establishments known for their delicious pies. Here are some of the best pizza places in Washington D.C.:

2 Amys: Located in the Cathedral Heights neighborhood, 2 Amys is a popular pizzeria serving Neapolitan-style pizza. They use high-quality ingredients and their wood-fired oven gives the crust a perfect char.

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Timber Pizza Company: This casual eatery in Petworth offers creative and flavorful pizzas. Timber Pizza Company is known for their thin-crust pies with inventive toppings like honey, ricotta, and hot honey.

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Pizzeria Paradiso: With multiple locations in D.C., Pizzeria Paradiso serves a variety of traditional and gourmet pizzas. They have a wide selection of toppings, and their crust is often praised for being perfectly crispy.

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All-Purpose Pizzeria: All-Purpose Pizzeria has two locations in D.C., and they specialize in Italian-inspired pizzas. Their menu features both classic and innovative combinations, and they also offer gluten-free options.

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Menomale: Located in the Brookland neighborhood, Menomale is an authentic Italian pizzeria known for its Neapolitan-style pies. They import ingredients from Italy and the wood-fired oven ensures a deliciously charred crust.

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&pizza: If you're looking for a quick and customizable pizza experience, &pizza is a great option. With various locations throughout D.C., they offer a wide range of toppings and sauces, allowing you to create your own unique pizza.

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RedRocks Neapolitan Bistro: With locations in both Columbia Heights and H Street, RedRocks Neapolitan Bistro specializes in authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. They use imported ingredients, including San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella, to create delicious and traditional pizzas. The wood-fired oven ensures a crispy and flavorful crust.

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