7 Best seafood restaurants in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts is known for its excellent seafood, and there are several outstanding seafood restaurants throughout the state. Here are some of the best seafood restaurants in Massachusetts:

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Turner's Seafood (Melrose and Salem): Turner's Seafood has two locations in Massachusetts, Melrose and Salem. They are known for their excellent seafood dishes, especially their lobster dishes and New England clam bakes.


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The Raw Bar (Mashpee): The Raw Bar in Mashpee is a hidden gem on Cape Cod. It offers a relaxed atmosphere and specializes in fresh seafood, particularly raw bar items like oysters, clams, and shrimp cocktails.


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The Lobster Pool (Rockport): Situated in Rockport, The Lobster Pool is a casual seafood restaurant with stunning ocean views. They serve a variety of seafood options, including lobster, clams, and fish, prepared in classic New England style.


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Legal Sea Foods (Various Locations): Legal Sea Foods is a well-known seafood chain with multiple locations across Massachusetts. They offer a wide selection of fresh seafood dishes, including their famous clam chowder and lobster dishes.


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The Clam Box (Ipswich): Located in Ipswich, The Clam Box is a classic New England seafood shack that offers delicious fried seafood, including clam strips, whole belly clams, scallops, and more. It's a great spot to enjoy traditional fried seafood by the coast.

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Woodman's of Essex (Essex): Woodman's of Essex is a historic seafood restaurant that claims to have invented the fried clam back in 1916. It's a must-visit spot for seafood lovers, offering a wide range of seafood options and their famous fried clams.


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Neptune Oyster (Boston): Located in Boston's North End, Neptune Oyster is a small and popular seafood spot known for its fresh oysters, lobster rolls, and clam chowder. The wait can be long, but it's worth it.


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These are just a few of the many outstanding seafood restaurants in Massachusetts. Whether you're looking for fine dining or a casual seafood experience, you're sure to find excellent options throughout the state.