8 Best colleges in District of Columbia!

Georgetown University: Renowned for its excellent programs in law, international relations, and business, Georgetown is a prestigious research university with a strong commitment to social justice and global engagement.

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George Washington University: Situated in the heart of D.C., GWU offers a diverse range of programs, including political science, international affairs, and medicine, attracting students seeking opportunities in politics, diplomacy, and healthcare.

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American University: Known for its strong programs in communication, political science, and international service, American University provides a vibrant campus environment in the nation's capital.

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Howard University: A historically Black university, Howard is recognized for its strong programs in medicine, law, and business, as well as its dedication to promoting African-American culture and empowerment.

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Catholic University of America: With a focus on liberal arts, theology, and philosophy, Catholic University offers a strong academic foundation within a faith-based environment.

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Gallaudet University: As the world's only university for the deaf and hard of hearing, Gallaudet provides a unique and inclusive educational experience, promoting the advancement of deaf culture and communication.

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University of the District of Columbia: UDC offers a diverse range of programs with a focus on urban issues, community engagement, and social justice, catering to local and non-traditional students.

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Trinity Washington University: An all-women's university with a commitment to empowering women in leadership roles, Trinity offers programs in nursing, education, and business in a supportive community.

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