8 Best Hiking Trails in Tennessee!

Fall Creek Falls State Park: Known for its namesake waterfall, Fall Creek Falls State Park offers an array of hiking trails suitable for different skill levels. The Fall Creek Falls Loop Trail is a popular choice, leading to the breathtaking 256-foot waterfall.


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Roan Mountain State Park: This park offers numerous trails showcasing the stunning beauty of the Roan Highlands. The Roan Mountain State Park Trails traverse through rhododendron gardens and provide access to the iconic Appalachian Trail.


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Mount LeConte via Rainbow Falls Trail: This challenging trail within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park rewards hikers with breathtaking views. The Rainbow Falls Trail is a 5.4-mile hike that leads to the majestic Rainbow Falls, and from there, you can continue to the summit of Mount LeConte for panoramic vistas.


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Savage Gulf Trail: Located in the Savage Gulf State Natural Area, this trail system offers various options for hikers. The 4.6-mile Greeter Falls Loop is a popular choice, leading to the stunning 50-foot Greeter Falls.


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Virgin Falls Trail: Found in the Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness, the Virgin Falls Trail is a 9.3-mile trail that showcases diverse landscapes, including waterfalls, creeks, and caves. The highlight of the trail is the impressive 110-foot Virgin Falls.


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Laurel Falls Trail: Situated in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Laurel Falls Trail is a moderate 2.6-mile round-trip hike. The trail leads to the picturesque 80-foot Laurel Falls, offering a rewarding experience for hikers.


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Fiery Gizzard Trail: Located within South Cumberland State Park, the Fiery Gizzard Trail is a challenging 12.5-mile trail known for its rugged beauty. It features rocky terrain, waterfalls, and stunning views, making it a favorite among experienced hikers.


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Great Smoky Mountains National Park: As one of the most visited national parks in the United States, the Great Smoky Mountains offer an abundance of hiking trails. Some popular options include the Alum Cave Trail, Abrams Falls Trail, and the Charlies Bunion Trail.


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