7 Best Restaurants in Tennessee!

The Grey (Savannah) Although not in Tennessee, The Grey in Savannah, Georgia, is worth mentioning for its exceptional cuisine. Housed in a beautifully restored Greyhound bus terminal, this restaurant offers a menu influenced by Southern, European, and African flavors.

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City House (Nashville) With a focus on Italian-American cuisine, City House combines traditional flavors with a Southern twist. Their wood-fired pizzas, house-cured meats, and flavorful dishes have made it a local favorite.

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Rolf and Daughters (Nashville) Situated in a historic factory building, Rolf and Daughters is a trendy restaurant known for its rustic yet refined dishes. The menu features seasonal ingredients and emphasizes house-made pastas.

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Etch (Nashville) Led by acclaimed chef Deb Paquette, Etch offers a fusion of global flavors in a contemporary setting. The menu features creative dishes with bold and vibrant flavors, showcasing a blend of ingredients from various cuisines.

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The Barn at Blackberry Farm (Walland) Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, this award-winning restaurant at Blackberry Farm offers a refined dining experience with a focus on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. The menu is influenced by Appalachian and Southern flavors.

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Husk (Nashville) Known for its focus on Southern ingredients, Husk offers a farm-to-table experience with dishes that celebrate the region's culinary traditions. The restaurant is housed in a historic building with a charming atmosphere.

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The Catbird Seat (Nashville) Offering an intimate chef's table experience, this upscale restaurant features a constantly changing menu with inventive dishes and impeccable presentation.

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