Harry Potter Things to do in Chicago!

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If you're a fan of Harry Potter and you're visiting Chicago, there are a few magical activities and places you can explore. Here are some Harry Potter-themed things to do in Chicago:

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Visit the "Wizard's World" exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry: This interactive exhibit allows you to explore the science behind the magic of Harry Potter. You can see props and costumes from the movies and learn about the real-life science that inspired the magical world.

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Attend a Harry Potter-themed event at the Chicago Public Library: The library occasionally hosts Harry Potter-themed events, such as book discussions, movie screenings, or trivia nights. Keep an eye on their event calendar for any upcoming Harry Potter activities.

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Explore the magic shops: Chicago has a few magic shops where you can find Harry Potter merchandise and collectibles. Check out stores like Magic Inc. and Chicago Magic Lounge to find wands, costumes, books, and more.

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Take a Harry Potter-inspired walking tour: There are Harry Potter-themed walking tours available in Chicago that take you to locations reminiscent of the wizarding world. These tours often include stops at iconic landmarks and sites with ties to the Harry Potter series.

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Attend a Harry Potter-themed party or event: Keep an eye out for special Harry Potter-themed parties or events happening in Chicago. These events may include costume contests, trivia, themed drinks, and immersive experiences that transport you into the world of Harry Potter.

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Visit the Harold Washington Library: This stunning library has a section called the Winter Garden, which resembles the Hogwarts library from the movies. You can enjoy the ambiance and feel a bit of the magical atmosphere while exploring its beautiful architecture.

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Remember to check with each venue or event organizer to confirm the availability and details of Harry Potter-themed activities, as they may change over time. Enjoy your magical adventures in Chicago!

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