7 Best places for hiking near Cooperstown NY!

Cooperstown, NY, is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes that offer great opportunities for hiking. Here are some of the best places for hiking near Cooperstown:

Hiking near Cooperstown NY

Cherry Valley State Forest: Located about 15 miles southeast of Cooperstown, Cherry Valley State Forest offers a peaceful and picturesque setting for hiking. The forest features over 2,000 acres of rolling hills, woodlands, and meadows. There are several trails within the state forest, including the Cherry Valley Overlook Trail, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.


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Bear Swamp State Forest: Situated approximately 20 miles southwest of Cooperstown, Bear Swamp State Forest offers a range of hiking trails through diverse landscapes. The forest is known for its wetlands, including the namesake Bear Swamp, and provides opportunities for birdwatching and wildlife observation.


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Hartwick State Forest: Located just a few miles east of Cooperstown, Hartwick State Forest provides an extensive trail network covering over 15 miles. The forest features rolling hills, streams, and forests, offering a peaceful environment for hikers.


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Arnold Lake State Forest: Situated about 25 miles northeast of Cooperstown, Arnold Lake State Forest is a great spot for hiking and enjoying nature. The forest offers a variety of trails that lead through beautiful forests and around Arnold Lake, providing scenic views and opportunities for wildlife spotting.


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Robert V. Riddell State Park: Located approximately 30 miles southwest of Cooperstown, Riddell State Park is a lesser-known gem that offers peaceful hiking trails. The park's trail system covers over 9 miles and takes you through woodlands, fields, and along streams.


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Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park: Situated about 20 miles southeast of Cooperstown, Betty and Wilbur Davis State Park features over 8 miles of trails that wind through diverse forested areas. The park is known for its wildflower displays and offers beautiful views of the nearby hills and valleys.


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Glimmerglass State Park: Located just a few miles north of Cooperstown, Glimmerglass State Park is known for its stunning views of Otsego Lake. The park offers several hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulty levels, including the Beaver Pond Trail and Hyde Hall Trail.


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